Brunch at “Gobble n’ Go”, Itaewon Seoul

Although i’m no major foodie, there’s something that British women love, and that is breakfast. To complicate matters, I also lived in Canada, and thus I’ve also developed a taste for North American style breakfasts and bunches too.

Several weeks ago, my friends Buyeon and Anita decided that they’d take me to a cute restaurant on an early Sunday afternoon. It was buried beside many other competing restaurants scooped up behind the main Itaewon drag by the Hamilton hotel in Seoul. Taking a right beside the Hamilton, and then following the restaurant camino de deliciousness, we curved left with the alley, followed straight, and then, as we soon hit a narrow alley running perpendicular to us, we took an immediate right. There on the corner, with a halo on top, was Gobble n’ Go. We stepped inside.

After some indecision due to the temptations of sitting by pleasant air conditioning, we settled by the large front window, and because the day was hot, the attentive server quickly came over and suggested that we move into the air conditioned area of the restaurant further back. Perplexed by our determination to have a view and ‘endure’ the sun shine, he kindly lowered the blind for us a little to cut out some heat.


The quaint restaurant had light coloured, pretty furniture that reminded me of French decor. The servers seemed happy, and the place served mostly Koreans with a scattering of foreigners, all around the ages of 25 to 45. Gobble n’ Go had a clean, fresh feel to it, and I was delighted to see a water dispenser available for thirsty clients to refill their own glasses, since perhaps clients arrive hungover from the previous night’s shenanigans.



Even the toilet was cute! The style of the paintwork and the bathroom accessories were artsy. While the toilet itself was easy to spot, when I went to wash and dry my hands, my eyes had to search the interesting coloured walls to identify the soap and paper towel dispenser!




I ordered the Basil Chicken & Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. There were two English muffins served with poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce, and each muffin had different toppings. One benedict contained smoked salmon and avocado, while the other contained basil pesto chicken, mushroom and Swiss cheese. These were accompanied by a delightful, small hash brown, and slice of crispy bacon, one juicy tomato slice and an amazing sliver of fried banana. Price: 16,000 won



On our second visit, I once again ordered the same thing! Anita ordered the Ham Cheese French Toast, which was served with scrambled egg, sausage and bacon, as well as dipping syrup for the sausages and French toast. My friend described it as a nice mix of salty and sweet. Price: 16,000 won


Buyeon tends to go for lunch rather than breakfast or bunch meal options. She chose the Big Boy Chili Smoky Hotdog. It included a grilled sausage with bacon, Mexican beef chili, Swiss and nacho cheese, a nice portion of fries and a salad. She seemed to enjoy it. Price: 15,000 won.



Gobble n’ Go also serves lunch dishes including burgers, philly steaks, omelettes, pancakes and salads. These options include fish & chips, Spanish garlic prawns, tomato/olive oil/rose and cream asparagus pasta dishes, as well as burger steaks.

Prices vary between 15,000 and 18,000 won.


Drink options include coffee, soda, sangria, beer and mojitos. Prices vary between 4,000 to 9,000 won.




Gobble n’ Go Facebook group


Where is your favourite breakfast/ brunch restaurant located, and what is your favourite dish there?


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13 thoughts on “Brunch at “Gobble n’ Go”, Itaewon Seoul”

  1. The only thing that makes me sad about not living closer to Itaewon is all the amazing food and restaurant choices available there…especially when it comes to brunch. We just got a Butterfingers near here, and there’s a Brioche Doree, but that’s about as close to REAL brunch as we’ve got (Jamsil area). I got hungry just looking at your feature photo! :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve not visited Butterfingers yet. Jamsil is far closer to me, actually. Itaewon is somewhat challenging to visit from my location as there’s no direct route. It’s quite the treat to head out there for me.


    1. Yes, I think the menu is pricey because of the style of the restaurant, the location, and also that the food is North American. My friends and I make it out there for a treat, and it’s definitely not a weekly routine 🙂


  2. I’ve been meaning to go here for years! The breakfast looked so good! That’s some serious food on that plate. Maybe in the next few weeks I can make it over there because those pics look so good. Though the prices look a bit steep for breakfast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh! I wasn’t aware that it’s been around for a while. Yes, the portions are a nice size. When my friends have a coffee first, they take ages to finish their food, so come on a proper empty stomach. Yeah, prices are dear, so it’s more like a special treat when my friends and I visit.


  3. Itaewon is really rich with variety. Love it that’s there a lot of options there. The Flying Pan and The Original Pancake House are 2 brunch places I like. Will have to check this Gobble N Go next.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really want to get to the Flying Pan in particular. One of our Bloggers in Korea friends wrote an article about breakfast/ brunch places and she mentioned Flying Pan which perked my attention.


  5. I’m a fiend for breakfast as well, and that first picture of the Basil Chicken and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict set my mouth to waterin’! I need to check this place out… it’s happening the next time I visit Seoul!

    My future stomach thanks you…


  6. Yum, I always found it difficult to get a good brunch in Korea. I love eggs beni but can’t imagine basil chicken. Sounds interesting. I’m also from the UK (Scotland) and the first thing I do when I get home is have a roll with square sausage and potato scone with brown sauce and a proper cuppa. North American breakfasts are nice too but I don’t understand things like syrup on french toast or fried chicken with pancakes lol. Fried toast is savoury and pancakes are sweet for me! This looks yummy, though. It would have been perfect if there was a bloody mary on the menu!


  7. Now that is a brunch! I wish there were more brunch spots near me over here in the Hongdae area. I’d be like you guys and want to get that window seat too. Glad you stuck with it even though it was warm. Worth it!


  8. That ham and cheese french toast is making me drool! Boy oh boy! Hotdog for brunch?? Hahah gotta hand it to Korea for doing its own thing when it comes to Western food. I love the quirky decor, I love how Korean restaurants are breaking the mold and are always determined to showcase a personality as opposed to be so sterile like most American haunts.


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